Marcus Schenkenberg 2.0 – Fortune favours the hardworking. Teaser met top model Marcus Schenkenberg in Hamburg's Restaurant Das Feuerschiff. One day later the shooting took place in Hamburg's Mount Ray Studios.

Marcus Schenkenberg's career as male model is one of a kind. In the course of his over 20-year career the good-looking Swede adorned nearly every cover of all known magazines, and was booked for the most important and biggest designers and campaigns. Schenkenberg had his most noted relationship with Hollywood star Pamela Anderson. But other high-profile beauties such as Mariah Carey, Nicky Hilton or Jessica Simpson could not resist the top model who was once marked out as „sexiest man alive“.

How do you feel and when did you arrive in Germany?
I flew in from L.A. one week ago, where I had a look at some beach houses as an investment. The past few days I spent in Rome doing a job for Bellstaff. Prior to that, I was in Munich for the TV production of Quatsch Comedy Club. 2009 was one of the most successful but also most stressful years of my career. Travelling to over 20 countries a year, you sometimes have to think carefully in the mornings, in which one you are at the moment.

You are one of the most successful male models of the world. How can you hold your ground in the tough model business for over two decades?
I am just lucky! My parents raised me to become a down-to-earth person and gave me good genes. In the entertainment business, many talents fall between the cracks as they are too shallow, too unreliable or sometimes they just lack authenticity. Even though I live in the States for nearly 20 years, I take a pride in my European punctuality, which even today shocks my clients sometimes, as they would have expected me a lot later! I keep working hard on my body, and I usually live very disciplined. In general I am a rather reserved person, and I watch my environment very closely before I open up wholeheartedly.

In 2009 you stroke a new path, and now more and more products are introduced under your name. Is that the future?
The sky is the limit! When I turned 40, I accidentally met my former manager Frank Kuhlmann again, who retired from the model business in 2001. I told him that I would very much like to realize my full potential, and immediately we noticed that we could move a lot together. With his company Frank translates all my ideas and projects I always wanted to do. We often brainstorm a lot about the fact, which sense or benefits my own products have. For me it is important, that everything is always innovative. It's not just about having my name printed on some kind of stuff. In the first 6 months my four-part fragrance collection was sold for over 1 million Euros. Our caring men's cosmetic line is brought to market with multiple products, inter alia with platinum, hyaluronic acid, as a matte day cream and or as self-tanning product. Already, the pearl jewellery collection "You Rock by Schenkenberg" is a legend with many models and celebrities. Midyear 2010 a fitness DVD box and a fitness book will be published which provide you with a completely new approach to achieve your dream body.

That sounds like a real Schenkenberg empire. What do you do with all your money, and how do we have to imagine your lifestyle?
Fortunately I am very economical. I pay more attention to what I like and its' quality rather than looking solely for the brand. I own some apartments and houses in New York, Los Angeles and of course in Sweden. In financial matters I am quite conservative. Over 5 years ago I sold my last car, and now I almost exclusively ride a bike. A car is only a hindrance in New York, and in Europe I am sponsored by Audi. Once a year I hit the racetrack with some friends of mine and some very fast racing bolides. That simply rocks, but still I am happy to manage everything without owning a car. Apart from that I read and travel a lot. I love getting to know foreign cultures and trying new food. Maybe one day I'll write my own cookery book, who knows.

Which question do you hear most often from fans and the media?
It's always the same: "How do you get such a body and how does it feel to be a sex symbol?" Because of these questions I will lift my fitness secrets in the near future, and maybe I will hold some power workshop for my fans, too. And incidentally I don't feel like a sex symbol at all.

How did your life and your job change over the last 20 years?
In the past I adhered to the laws of the fashion business. Today I am experienced and confident enough to decide myself what is best for my life and for my career. It is the same picture for male models: the known campaigns primarily book 20 year olds. Thereby I have more time to dedicate myself to my own projects. Ever since the technical revolution reached me by the end of the 90ies in the form of email, laptops and later on the Blackberry, my life runs ever faster. You just have to avoid the mistake of thinking, that virtual contacts can replace a phone call or even a face-to-face meeting.

With increasing frequency you visit Germany and Europe. Do you miss something in the States that you find here?
My life was and is crazy. I meet so many interesting and creative people, that my mind is constantly working and looking for new ideas. Every country offers you a different input, and I am fortunate enough to even get money for travelling. I sometimes miss my bed in Europe, and in the States a good German Pork Roast. My friends live all over the earth, so actually I am never alone. In Germany I very much like the liability and reliability of people. That makes me feel secure.

2009 marked the revival of renowned people from the supermodel stardom era. Schiffer, Evangelista, Campbell and others put the fear of God into the rookies. Why is it that only few male models are known from that time?
Models primarily sell fashion and cosmetics. In those days the market was catering to women to nearly 90%. Proportionally, male models were extremely rarely seen. Some former male models are now designers or photographers themselves. And still the saying "sex sells" is true, and in that women per se have the advantage over men.

You were 20 years old when you came to the US and you wanted to turn a basketball pro. How important is working out for you today?
Doing sports is my life, I just love it. In those days I had no idea of the entertainment business, and I would have never thought that one day I'd be a model or an actor. I came to LA as an au pair, and I looked after the children of a wealthy family. In order to turn a basketball pro, I gained nearly 20 kilos of muscles within a few months, and I ate and worked out a lot. I then was discovered while roller-skating. When I saw my first professional pictures, I then understood to what extent my body had taken shape. Working out clears my head, and stimulates my creativity enormously.

Which dream would you like to fulfil yourself?
Actually I am perfectly happy, at least materialistically. For my fortune to be complete I lack but a soul mate and at least three little Schenkenbergs with whom I can travel the world.

The media and groupies often impute you with affairs. Is there any truth to the rumours? And do you prefer a certain type of woman?
I love the ladies and some of them love me. Interestingly enough more and more women turn up claiming to be my girlfriends, although I don't even know them. That's why I became more sceptical and cautious. It's hard on me that today so many women only want to become famous, and that it's impossible to trust one's feelings.

Tell us a secret we don't know yet about you and your prominent women!
Unfortunately that is impossible, as your magazine is available to everybody in the World Wide Web. But besides, I count discretion and loyalty to my most important characteristics.