Blockbuster „Multiple Sarcasm“ With Top Model Marcus Schenkenberg
Frankfurt/ New York
Top model Marcus Schenkenberg acts with the two Oscar winners Mira Sorvino and Timothy Hutton in the Hollywood production “Multiple Sarcasm” which had its premiere in New York end of April.

Multiple Sarcasm is a richly staged drama about a man’s self-discovery who seems – viewed superficially – to live a perfect life.
Gabriel (Timothy Hutton) is very successful in his career as an architect, has a beautiful wife and an adorable daughter.
He becomes doubtful about his life not completing him, therefore he decides to write a little about his present state of life.
This play makes him think about what really makes him happy, however, not only he starts to examine his life – also his wife and daughter begin to do so.
Marcus Schenkenberg stars the boyfriend of leading actress Mira Sorvino.


Marcus Schenkenberg's career as male model is one of a kind. In the course of his over 20-year career the good-looking Swede adorned nearly every cover of all known magazines, and was booked for the most important and biggest designers and campaigns. Schenkenberg had his most noted relationship with Hollywood star Pamela Anderson. But other high-profile beauties such as Mariah Carey, Nicky Hilton or Jessica Simpson could not resist the top model who was once marked out as „sexiest man alive".

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