Marcus Schenkenberg presents his own cosmetic line
Frankfurt/ New York, January 2010. Topmodel Marcus Schenkenberg is a real trendsetter and knows what men want. His first own cosmetic line is called PLATINUM and was developed by LR Health & Beauty Systems.

Grooming" is trendy and fashionable describes the care of the modern man. Let's put the good old curd soap behind us. The strong gender asks for high quality and special anti-aging body care products. With 41 years the top model looks better than ever and has already successfully  launched his own fragrance  with LR in 2009 his own fragrance. Schenkenberg knows: „ We men are different … and our skin also. Our skin has bigger pores, is defeated by a bigger stress factor due to daily shaving, produces more talcum and grows old considerably faster, even if a little later. “


The name PLATINUM is also a program. The basic element of the whole care series is Platinum Matrix-em, a highly effective Peptid which clearly improves the elasticity of the skin which stimulates its own collagen synthesis. Thirsty skin is supplied with moisture and seems more fresh. High-End technology for the man.

LR begins his new care series with four products.

The PLATINUM Anti-Aging Cream is the all-rounder for the everyday application and prevents the signs of an aged face. The PLATINUM express-eye-cooler reduces dark circles around the Eye and lachrymal sacs. PLATINUM express anti-shine says goodbye to shiny skin and refines its appearance.

And what is at least as much important for men besides the personal values: the body.

In the matter of packaging the designers of LR have done an awesome job and developed a product with passion for detail which is looking for its better half. Individual. Sexy. And extremely incorruptible.

To Schenkenberg it is exceptionally important that all his products are real innovations and not only average. With PLATINUM this has worked like a charm. Beauty as only a women's domain is long gone!


Marcus Schenkenberg's career as male model is one of a kind. In the course of his over 20-year career the good-looking Swede adorned nearly every cover of all known magazines, and was booked for the most important and biggest designers and campaigns. Schenkenberg had his most noted relationship with Hollywood star Pamela Anderson. But other high-profile beauties such as Mariah Carey, Nicky Hilton or Jessica Simpson could not resist the top model who was once marked out as „sexiest man alive".

LR Health & Beauty Systems
LR Health and Beauty Systems is the biggest direct distribution enterprise of Germany for care and beauty products and celebrates his 25th anniversary this year.
25 years of innovation with passion – completely after the high-quality principle „Made in Germany”. With its 30 international locations and 300,000 independent distributors, LR counts to the leading branch dimensions of the world. Celebrities like Michael Schumacher, Heidi Klum and Leona Lewis create with LR their own product lines, just as Boris Becker, Ralf Moeller, Sarah Connor and Marcus Schenkenberg.

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