Gellner presents
„YOU ROCK Collection by Marcus Schenkenberg“

The top model and the specialist for pearl jewellery GELLNER have newly developed the worldwide first pearl jewellery collection that can be worn by men also.

Pforzheim/ New York.
Starting from 1st October Marcus Schenkenberg presents the first pearl jewellery collection that can also be worn by men with the pearl jewellery brand GELLNER.
„Nowadays women wear suits - in that case men are also allowed to wear pearls. It is all a question of the personal style“, says top model Marcus Schenkenberg. Marcus Schenkenberg was significantly involved in the development of the gems. This applies not only for the precious materials, but also for the designs. The collection contains only pieces of jewellery he likes to wear himself.

The “YOU ROCK Collection” is sort of a modular system and consists of necklaces (among other braided leather, tied silk, ray leather) that can be combined with various pendants (e.g. anchor, cross, pearl). Every single pendant of this blackened silver line has besides black diamonds an exlusive fiji culture pearl. 
The “YOU ROCK Collection” is underpinned by several bracelets which are partly studded with black diamonds in addition to fiji pearls.

The international star photographer Mayk Azzato put the top model in perspective. The jeweler partner may be looking forward to special window displays and to an substantial marketing package with the handsome Swede. The idea of YOU ROCK came to being at the Baselworld 2009 (international jewellery exhibition) during a talk between Joerg Gellner and Frank Kuhlmann who was participating as guest at the stand of Gellner with his CODE ROYAL collection. Kuhlmann has been the manager of Marcus Schenkenberg for many years and told Joerg Gellner about his roaring success of various products of Schenkenberg from the cosmetic and luxury good division. Quickly first concept and design ideas followed. Gellner and Marcus Schenkenberg have creatied the "YOU ROCK Collection" together with designer Mayk Hollaender from Hanau who is specialized in extravagant jewellery. A revolution in pearl jewellery area came into being that is also supposed to be distributet international. Marcus Schenkenberg: "With the choosing of my partner I mind excellent quality and that the stuff is thinking the way I am. Joerg Gellner and his team have been dear to my heart from the first second on. I am convinced from the success of my "YOU ROCK Collection"!" You can find your trusted YOU ROCK jeweler in your area here:

Marcus Schenkenberg's career as male model is one of a kind. In the course of his over 20-year career the good-looking Swede adorned nearly every cover of all known magazines, and was booked for the most important and biggest designers and campaigns. Schenkenberg had his most noted relationship with Hollywood star Pamela Anderson. But other high-profile beauties such as Mariah Carey, Nicky Hilton or Jessica Simpson could not resist the top model who was once marked out as „sexiest man alive“.

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