Marcus Schenkenberg Presents Fitness DVD
Frankfurt/ New York
He owes his remarkable career his picture-perfect body. “BODY SECRETS” finally discloses the secret how men and women can get such a fantastic body.


His innovative concept has developed to a strong brand for premium lifestyle products in the meanwhile. Schenkenbergs top priority is that every product has to be an absolute innovation. “Body Secrets” has even two worldwide innovations included.

Innovation 1: Individual levels – one program for everybody
Schenkenberg presents with two partners three levels at a time in every exercise.

1) Beginner
2) Intermediate
3) Pro

Each exercise can be individually combined so that a personal work-out is formed.

Innovation 2: Personal Trainer Function
By clicking the “Personal Trainer” button Mr. World Fitness Robert Steinbacher and Marcus Schenkenberg explain every lesson detailed and give valuable advice.
The DVD is available at any specialist shops or at the official website of top model Marcus Schenkenberg:

Marcus Schenkenberg's career as male model is one of a kind. In the course of his over 20-year career the good-looking Swede adorned nearly every cover of all known magazines, and was booked for the most important and biggest designers and campaigns. Schenkenberg had his most noted relationship with Hollywood star Pamela Anderson. But other high-profile beauties such as Mariah Carey, Nicky Hilton or Jessica Simpson could not resist the top model who was once marked out as „sexiest man alive“.
With his own brand “Marcus Schenkenberg” high class products are developed, such as fragrance and cosmetics, jewellery, fitness DVD’s, fitness books, cook books, underwear and so on.

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